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Biggleswade Academy

Biggleswade Academy

How iPads are used

October 2014 marked an exciting new beginning and a first step towards fulfilling our ambitious iPad Project aims. From this point Year 5 and 6 pupils have been welcome to bring an iPad into school to support their learning.

Mr Whiteway demonstrates use of Google Earth.

1:1 iPads are used on a daily basis alongside the class sets and other learning resources. They are used in various ways, sometimes for a few minutes as part of a lesson starter or plenary, other times for an extended period for project work. Being able to take 1:1 iPads home makes it easier for parents to see what their child has been learning at school. 

“When I get home from school I can show my mum and dad what I have done at school today.”

 - Year 5 Pupil

Prior to the start of the 1:1 project it became evident through the use of class sets of iPads that pupils were engaged by this technology and loved having an additional way to demonstrate their creativity. Now, with over half of pupils using their own device, many pupils are able to embrace this sense of engagement and creativity more often and with greater independence. 

“The best thing about having my iPad in school is that I get to be more creative in what I do… I'm not writing in my book the whole time.”

- Year 5 Pupil

 In pursuing our vision statement we strive towards making transformational use of technology in the classroom.

Even in tasks where iPads are used as a straight substitution for traditional methods, pupil engagement is high. Pupils enjoy being able to take notes, work out answers on an interactive whiteboard and use auto correct and e-dictionaries. 



“The best thing about iPads is using it for jotting things down and searching things up. I love using notes on my iPad because it's soooo quick and easy, and you have auto-correct, which makes the whole thing a lot easier if you make any mistakes. We are free to use our iPad if we don't know what something means … we look it up.”

- Year 5 Pupil

Year 6 pupil using cacluator app to solve problems to do with angle. 

Typing certainly hasn’t replaced the need for good quality written work, yet when pupils do use iPads many pupils comment on the sense of achievement that comes, especially for those who are able to type faster than they can write.

“It helps me to work more efficiently because I type faster than I write. Also if I'm reading on my iPad and I come across an unfamiliar word I can easily search up the meaning, helping my learning and expanding my vocabulary.”

- Year 6 pupil

“I am able to do more and other creative things such as: Keynote, Powerpoints, Popplets and lots more. I think this is a really good way to present what you have learnt and worked hard on to show to other pupils and adults.”

- Year 6 pupil


The way pupils complete research has transformed since we began using iPads at school. Scanning QR (quick response) codes gives pupils direct access to teacher selected websites from around the world, which provides them with up-to-date and high quality information. 

 Qr codes used alongside other notes

QR codes ready for use.

 QR Research Pass

Pupils build on the digital literacy skills they learn in traditional computing lessons; they explore the web within the safety of our filtered internet, learn about using effective search terms and discuss and develop the critical reading skills necessary in today’s information age.  

“You can do your work independently and you can make your work different to everyone else instead of having the same worksheet or work plan as everyone else. Also times are changing so I think it is good getting more people to use this newer technology.”

- Y6 pupil

 Example of pupil book.

Two pupil books showing, one with a signpost to work completed on an iPad.

Accessing learning materials

Teachers often share learning resources with all pupils via the Google Classroom and other means. With iPads these can be accessed during lessons and can be gone through at the pace of the child. 

 Google Classroom Screenshot

A screenshot from Google Classroom.


Pupils use a wide range of apps to showcase their learning and they enjoy presenting their work using a range of media. The ease with which the iPad handles video, sound and text allows the pupils to remain focused on the learning outcomes.

Pupils present their work to their classmates.

“I feel more independent and more comfortable. Also I like doing my work in different ways for example Showbie and Popplet”

- Year 6 Pupil


Some examples of specific apps and pupil work can be found by exploring the links in this section of the wesbite. We will continue to add to this as we continue with the project.

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