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 A collection of tablets

The skills required for the modern workforce have changed and as a school it is vital that we help our pupils to prepare for the jobs of the future.

In recent years many establishments have investigated the application of mobile technology in their classrooms. Among other positive effects, research into this area shows some significant impact in:

  • Creating active and memorable learning experiences
  • Increasing pupil collaboration with their peers
  • Providing more frequent staff-pupil interaction and instant feedback based around 'next steps' learning.
  • Increasing the motivation and self esteem of pupils
  • Improving outcomes in a wide range of academic and creative subjects and disciplines
  • Developing pupils' technical skills in using ICT to create as well as manipulate information

On the basis of such positive research, we have therefore spent the past two years looking into what tablet computers can offer our pupils.

We began with a single set of iPads shared by all classes, increased this to two sets as demand increased and are now looking at possibilities to develop a 1-1 programme for pupils.

The majority of teaching staff have also been provided with an iPad over this period to explore different apps and classroom uses, which can be used to augment & enhance pupils' learning. Additionally, we have been running a continuous programme of targeted staff training sessions to share best practice and further develop understanding.

So far staff involved in this trial have given the following feedback:

  • It's often easier to record observations for evidence
  • A number of key apps allow teachers to provide instant, quality, diagnostic feedback to pupils about their performance in a range of areas.
  • Differentiation and personalisation is often easier to explicitly plan for and implement.
  • When used in a targeted manner, pupil engagement in lessons can increase significantly.
  • iPads are versatile teaching tool which enhance but don't replace other resources such as pens, pencils and exercise books.
  • When targeted for specific uses, iPads can aid pupils' access to the curriculum.
  • By using a variety of apps and functions, pupils can develop a wider skill set more easily.
  • Outcomes in areas of basic literacy and numeracy (including early phonics teaching) where repetition and constant reinforcement may often be key, can see significant improvement.

We strongly believe that technology will play an increasingly important role within society and education and will therefore be continuing to develop our use of mobile technology across the Academy in the coming months.

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