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Tablets in Education

Welcome to the Tablets in Education section of the school's website. Select a menu item to find out more.


This section introduces the Tablets in Education section of the website.

Vision statement

Our vision statement for the way we will use technology at Biggleswade Academy.

Taking part in the 1:1 scheme

This section will explain how to take part in the scheme and include information about buying an iPad through our provider. It will also outline technical requirements for bringing in an existing iPad. N.B. details are currently being finalised for the September '15 academic year, but we expect costings and discounts to work in a very similar way to last year - details of which can be found in the blog.


The blog is used to update parents about the 1:1 mobile learning scheme and include information about our progress towards the desired outcomes of the scheme.  

Why iPads?

This section explains why we have selected tablets, and iPads specifically, at this stage of our mobile learning scheme. It includes links to wider case studies.

How iPads are used

This is a growing section that will give examples of how iPads are incorporated into the classroom alongside other learning resources and will give examples of pupil work and teaching strategies. N.B. we are currently drawing together a portfolio of examples and will be updating this section very soon.


Frequently asked questions from last years roll out of the 1:1 iPad scheme. We will continue to update this section as questions arise.

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