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Biggleswade Academy

Biggleswade Academy

Entry Point 1 (Pre-school: Age 2+)

Any child seeking a placement at the Academy Pre-school is eligible to start at the beginning of the term in which they turn 2 years 9 months, providing they are at least 2 years 6 months old on the day they start.

The Academy Governance Committee is the admissions authority for Biggleswade Academy and will apply the following criteria (in the rank order shown) to decide the order in which places will be allocated when there are more requests from parents than the number of places available:

A total number of no more than 140 places (not full time) will be offered according to the following priorities:

  1. Children aged 3 to 4 years who are funded and already attend the Pre-school.
  2. Children aged 3 to 4 years who are funded but do not yet attend the Pre-school.
  3. Children aged 2 years who are funded and already attend the Pre-school (see point below)
  4. Children aged 2 years who are funded but do not yet attend the Pre-school (see point below)
  5. Children aged 4+ who attend part time school and whose parents/carers work (see 4+ payment section below)
  6. Unfunded children in date-of-birth order
  7. Children living within the Academy catchment area.
  8. Children who have older siblings currently attending the Academy

Points to note relating to entry point 1:

  • Children are currently funded the term after their 3rd birthday – cut-off days: 31st March, 31st August and 31st December
  • The length of time on the waiting list is not part of the selection criteria.
  • The Pre-school cannot guarantee parents of children who are under 3 years old a place.
  • The Academy Pre-school is registered by Ofsted to take funded 2 year olds. We will usually admit children at age 2 years 6 months, however funded 2 year olds will be considered if space and staffing allow.

Places will be offered to children according to the above criteria. If the Pre-school is unable to offer a child the whole entitlement, parents are not limited to using their funding at one setting.

The Academy Pre-school operates a waiting list structured in date-of-birth order, so that the following sections of the community are not excluded:

  • People who have recently moved to the area.
  • People whose first language is not English.
  • Racial/cultural settings who are not familiar with the Pre-school.
  • Looked After Children.
  • Childminders who may not have detailed information about specific children a long time in advance.

Whenever possible (and if financially viable) a place will be kept vacant to accommodate an emergency admission.

Post offer procedures:

Once a child has been accepted at the Academy Pre-school, the parent/carer will be notified in writing of the start date and of Home Visit details. If the Pre-school does not receive the parent/carer’s written acceptance of the placement for children under funded age, by a date specified on the notification, the setting cannot then guarantee that the place will be held. Once the placement has been accepted for children under funded age, the parent/carer will be subject to the Academy Pre-School’s termination and session reduction criteria set out below.

Prior to attending the Academy Pre-school each child will receive a Home Visit, at which they will be given a Welcome Pack and a set of Registration Forms. These need to be completed, signed and dated by the parent/carer at the time of the visit.

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