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Biggleswade Academy

Biggleswade Academy

Entry Point 3 (Year 5: Age 9)

The Academy Governance Committee is the admissions authority for Biggleswade Academy and will apply the criteria below (in the order shown) to decide the order in which places will be allocated when there are more requests from parents than the number of places available:

The admissions number for entry into the Academy in Year 5 (PAN) is – 80 children

  1. All ‘looked after’ children or children who were previously ‘looked after’ (see definitions);
  2. Pupils living in the catchment (see definition of catchment) with siblings at the school (see definition of sibling)
  3. Children of staff working within the Academy (see definition of staff)
  4. Other pupils living in the catchment area
  5. Other siblings not living within catchment area (see definition)
  6. Any other children

Points to note relating to entry point 3:

  • Children already on the Academy roll prior to moving into year 5 will automatically move into year 5 without the need to reapply for a place.
  • The 80 pupil PAN for Year 5 is additional to the max of 60 already on the Academy roll within Year 4.
  • The Academy operates a waiting list for entry point 3 based on the oversubscription criteria outlined above.
  • Each child added to this list will require the list to be ranked again according to these criteria.
  • The Academy waiting list will be maintained for a minimum of 1 full school term.
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