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Mobile Devices

From Year 5 onwards pupils can choose to bring a personal Android or iOS tablet into school as an aid to their lessons.

Before they can be used, devices must first be enrolled in the Academy Mobile Device Management (MDM) system which allows them to be connected to our filtered & monitored Internet provision - this system also allows us to put in place certain restrictions to prevent the use of unsuitable for school apps and features whilst on school grounds.

Pupils wanting to bring in a suitable device should pay a visit with their tablet to the Technical Support Department, based in the Brazil Block, during break or lunch times to get connected.

Android tablets must be running a minimum of Android 5 (Lollipop), however we strongly recommend as new a version as possible.

iOS tablets must be running a minimum of iOS 10, however we do again strongly recommend as new a version as possible.

Devices must be in good working order and safe to use
If the screen is cracked, it must not be brought into school