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Our options programme is an innovative opportunity to offer our KS3 pupils something outside the standard curriculum. The range of AQA accredited units in specialist and often vocational areas such as STEM, Childcare Development and Creative Arts, provide an enhanced stimulus for our pupils to engage and delve deep into discovering and nurturing their interest and gain critical experience to help them prepare for their move into  Year 9, upper school and beyond.

The subject areas available are delivered through high-quality lessons by subject passionate teachers and lead to an AQA accredited qualification. All the units are designed not only to enhance academic progress and achievement but also "to motivate, encourage, engage, support and raise self-esteem and can reward achievement which might otherwise go unrecognised, e.g. small steps or non-mainstream subjects." (

This year, to help you select your option subjects for the 2021-2022 academic year, watch the relevant videos here in your specific year group category. Once you have selected your preferred subjects, make sure you submit your finalised forms by Friday 16th July 2021.