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SEND Local Offer - Early Years

In Early Years our aim is to provide a rich stimulating environment which allows all children to learn and develop into happy, independent, and curious individuals.

Children are valued equally and we work closely with parents and outside agencies where appropriate to provide activities which support development. We want parents to feel involved and to know that their views are valued. We want the children to feel engaged and motivated to enable them to reach their full potential in a supportive and caring environment.

As a setting, we are committed to early identification of special educational needs and use the Graduated Response to meet these needs in line with the code of practice. We use a key person system where a member of staff supports and develops a good relationship with the child and carers. The key person monitors each child’s development, progress and general well-being and shares this with parents through our online assessment package, staff are able to highlight any areas of difficulty or concern with the SENDCo. The SENDCo is then able to have further discussions with parents and carers and decide how best the child can be supported through additional support provided either internally or externally through other agencies.

If a child requires further specific support a referral may be made to request an initial assessment by one of the Early Years Professional team. In partnership with careers, the SENDCo, outside agencies and the key person, the Central Bedfordshire SEND Support Plan will be completed which outlines the long and short term outcomes that everyone is working towards. This is then monitored, practitioners will differentiate activities to enable the child to join in with them alongside their peers. This might be simplifying the activity, using different equipment in order that the child can participate, using visual timetables or alternative communication systems to name a few.

Additional funding may be provided and the child may be supported by a 1:1 staff member and the Early Years support team who will visit the setting and home to offer advice and support. The setting will follow advice given by outside agencies such as physiotherapists, speech and language etc.. Our settings all comply with the accessibility criteria for disabilities and we make reasonable adjustments for children with SEND in complying with the disability discriminations act. There are first aiders on site at all times and risk assessments are routinely carried out.

Our staff are passionate about making our provision as accessible as possible to all children and realise that parents are the child’s first educator and hold key information regarding their child and have knowledge and experience to contribute to a shared view of the child’s needs.