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Year 1

Summer Term


Create and follow algorithms, debugging programmes using Beebots.


Music – Exploring Sounds:
Singing and listening are at the heart of each lesson.
Play, improvise and compose using a selection of notes.

Art - Forest School Art:
Explore colour, shape, line and texture in nature and use it to create artwork.

Art – Textiles:
Weaving, wrapping, knotting, embellishing fabric, fabric pegging.

Design Technology - Fruit and Veg:
Learning about fruit and veg.
Design, make and taste a fruit salad.


How families are similar and different, what makes a good friend, making friends, who to speak to if I need help, who is special to me.

Changing Me:
Changes in humans (baby to child to adult), correct names of body parts, changes that have happened in my life.


Goodnight Spaceman, Great Fire of London, Rainforest, Supertato.
Learning reading strategies to make reading fun, accessible and engaging.

Syllables, compound words, plurals, suffixes, upper/lowercase letters, alphabetical order and dictionaries, tricky words and phonics screening revision.

Juniper Jupiter - Describe a superhero, using persuasive techniques to write an advert.
Baddies - Describing characters from fairy tales using adjectives, similes and alliteration. Using knowledge of characters and fairy tales to write a non-fiction fact file.
The Enormous Crocodile - Act out and rewrite a shortened version of the story. Learn interesting and important story structures. Make creative changes to the story to invent a new, similar story.


Forests Vs Rainforests:
Describing forests and rainforests using all 5 senses, exploring the location of forests around the world, comparing the weather in the UK and the Amazon Rainforest, discovering where animals live within the rainforests and discussing deforestation.


Great Fire of London:
Comparing London, houses and the Fire Service in the past and present, learning about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of Biggleswade and using different sources of information to find out about past events.


Numbers 50 to 100:
Read, write, represent and order numbers 50 to 100, understand one more/fewer and 10 more/fewer, identify number patterns.

Addition & Subtraction:
Explore addition and subtraction involving 2-digit numbers and regrouping, number bonds to 20.

Name coins and notes and understand their value, represent the same value using different coins and find change.

Multiplication & Division:
Share equally into groups, doubling, link halving to fractions, add equal groups, explore arrays.

Capacity & Volume:
Compare capacities, volumes and lengths, explore litres, apply understanding of fractions to capacity.


Run, Throw, Jump:
Work on stamina, agility, coordination, balance and core strength.

Send & Return:
Send an object with a hand or bat, sending and returning a variety of balls.

Hit, Catch, Run:
HIt objects with hand or bat, track and receive rolling balls, catching.


Jesus as a friend; how Jesus showed friendship to others.

Understanding how visiting the Synagogue helps Jewish children feel closer to God.


Understand parts of a plant, plant lifecycle, deciduous and evergreen, varieties of plants, including fruit and vegetable.

Animal Groups:
Describe and compare the structure of a variety of different animals and animal families.
Explain characteristics of wild animals and pets.