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Year 1


Meerkat Mail:
Name items for Meerkat using pronouns, nouns and adjectives. Write a postcard, book review, labels and captions.

Rosie’s Glasses:
Describe objects/nouns using adjectives. Verbalise and write a simile. Organise ideas into a clear sentence for story writing.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea:
Verbally retelling a story, using actions and pictures, and write a story.

Choo Choo Clickety Clack:
Poetry focusing on; verbs, adverbs, onomatopoeia, similes, exclamation marks and common misconception words.


Numbers to 10:
Representing, comparing and ordering quantities and numbers.

Addition + Subtraction within 10:
Using part whole models, tens frames and bead strings.

Shape and Pattern:
Naming and describing the properties of 2D & 3D shapes. Explore pattern.

Numbers Within 20:
Counting forwards and backwards, representing, ordering and comparing. Develop skills in counting on from a given number.

Addition + Subtraction Within 20:
Using counting on and counting back and known number facts.


The Seasons:
Know the name of the seasons, the months within them, the weather to be expected, what clothes they might wear, other expectations of each season. Use observations and ideas to answer questions. Perform simple investigations.

Animals Including Humans, Our Body:
Discover the basic parts of the human body, learn about eyes and sight, learn about ears and hearing, explore the tongue and taste, explore your sense of touch and discover how your nose smells. Identify and classify. Gather and record data.


Dear Zoo, Elmer, Mary Seacole, There Was an Old Lady. Learning reading strategies to make reading fun, accessible and engaging.

(ay/ai/a_e) (ee/ea/e_e) (igh, ie, i_e) (oa/ow/o_e) (oo/ew/u_e) (au/aw/or) (er/ir/ur) (w/wh) (f/ph) (oi/oy) (ow/ou)


Our School:
Identifying human and physical features, looking at where our school is located, creating maps and designing our dream school.


The Gunpowder Plot:
Identifying what happened, who was involved, when it happened and why.


Music – Musical Heartbeat:
Explore finding and keeping a steady beat. Copy patterns using rhythm or pitch (high and low).

Dance, Play and Sing:
Improvise, compose, sing songs and listen to pieces.

Art – Drawing:
Mark making using a range of resources including pencils, pens, paint, chalks and pastel. Painting - colour mixing to create secondary colours & different shades.  Think about size and colour.

Design Technology - Mechanisms:
Focus on developing scissor skills, creating moving mechanisms for a card including sliders, levers and 3D pop ups.


Safe and Respectful use of Computers:
Learn about safety and begin to be familiar with a Chromebook, knowing how to login by typing their name and password. Identify technology in the wider world and be aware of the WWW.

PE (Rotated across the Academic Year)

Circuit Training:
Move with control and improve own performance.

Express ideas through movement, perform a set of movement patterns.

Invasion Games:
Travelling in a range of ways and directions with control. Throw, catch and pass a ball.

Attacking and Defending Games:
Develop awareness of space, speed, direction and playing in a team. Explore the roles of defence and attack.


How Christians believe God created the world. Identify what is awesome about the world.

Gifts – the meaning of giving.


Being Me in My World:
Feeling safe and special. Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities we have at home, in school and in the community.