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Year 6


Novel study of Clockwork by Philip Pullman focusing on predictions, inferences about the characters and the plot, sequencing, summarising, defining vocabulary and justifying opinions. Explore texts linked to other areas of the curriculum and key skills.

Write setting descriptions, devise own endings, create a promotional travel brochure. Research WW1 and WW2 and analyse features of informal letters and create their own letters. Use figurative language to compose war poetry.

Spelling & Handwriting:
Adding suffixes to words, homophones, spelling words where sh is spelt as ci, ti.


Integers and Decimals:
Revise place value (up to 7 digits) and writing numbers in numerals (digits) and words. Practise formal written addition and subtraction column methods, applying these to word problems.

Multiplication and Division:
Understanding the place value of decimals (with up to 3 decimal places) in preparation for multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Learn factors and multiples of numbers, including prime numbers. Revise formal written methods of column multiplication and long (and short) division, using increasingly large numbers.

Calculation Problems:
Learn BIDMAS rules and the correct order of operations in multi-step calculations. Solve missing number problems, expressing them as algebra. Solve problems with two unknown values.


Explore circuits & the effects of voltage & current on electrical components. Identify problems in a circuit, investigate the output of a circuit, build a set of realistic traffic lights & solve problems.

Explore how light travels in our world. Investigate reflection, the effects of it and how it’s used to see things. Investigate and explain factors that alter the appearance of shadows. Explore the light phenomena and its impact.


North and South America:
Use maps, atlases and digital computing to locate countries/states.  Study human geography (population, languages and religion) and physical geography (rivers, mountains and climates) to understand similarities and differences. Identify the position and significance of lines of latitude, longitude and the Prime Meridian for time zones.


The Mayan People:
Use historical enquiry to learn about ancient society and what happened to them, knowing and understanding significant aspects about civilisation, expansion and dissolution of their empire. Understand the impact of their hierarchical society, religion and location, comparing this to Britain at the time.


Play different notes on a recorder leading to simple melodies and songs, explore musical notation, recognise notes and beats in music, express thoughts and feels about music.

Art - Block - Block Printing:
Explore the artwork and style of William Morris.  Design and create own printed artwork.

Design Technology – Fabric:
Make a small bag to showcase sewing machine skills and hand embellished (include a fastener).

STEM - Pulleys and how They Work:
 Building structures to include the use of effective pulleys.

Food Tech - Understand a Balanced Diet and to Improve Diets: Use vegetable knives to learn basic skills and cutting techniques. Make savoury and sweet recipes using the ‘rub in’ method.


How do I Gather Useful Data and Use Existing Data Legally:
Explore the laws surrounding data use and misuse in different situations. Recognise online dangers that young people may encounter. Create surveys and quizzes which gather a range of data types which can be analysed and assessed effectively.

Computer Modelling:
Explore different types of computer model to represent data. Investigate how to collect, use and present data tailored to my audience’s needs.


Where do you live:
Ask and answer “Where do you live?” Learn new vocabulary relating to localities, types of houses and rooms. Listening & pronunciation, writing sentences.


Passing techniques, pivot turns, shooting and a ‘toss up’.

Tag Rugby:
Tagging, sidestepping, intercepting and off-side.

Individual, and team performance, plan and suggest skills.

Explore dance styles across the decade.

Sports Hall Athletics:
Exploration of athletics activities.

Individual and group sequences on floor and apparatus.


Learn about commitment and what this looks like in religious practice for Muslims (include the five pillars of Islam).

Explore Christian traditions and their influence on modern day Christmas, including celebrations in the U.K.


Being Me In My World:
Meeting people’s needs, goals for the year ahead, how life differs between countries, and the impact of actions.

Celebrating Difference:
Overcoming adversity, the life of a Paralympian, what ‘normal’ means in different situations, how to cope if people are unkind.