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Year 7

Summer Term


SketchUp Grand Designs:
Business-related IT
Selecting and combining multiple applications for creative purposes to provide a specific outcome
Creating an Estate Agent’s website (including HTML).


Music - Film & Backing Music:
Explore how music sets the scene, gain insight into the melodic devices and structure of composers and compose own ideas.

Art -Memory books:
Pupils will use their personal memories as a stimulus for a variety of multimedia pages to form an expanding book.

Design Technology – Product Manufacture:
Explore how plastic is damaging our oceans.
Make a tote bag to use in everyday life and promote the recycling of plastic.

STEM - Bridges and Structures:
Design, create, test and evaluate bridges with a focus on stable structures.

Food Tech - The Balanced Plate:
Develop cutting and cooking skills making a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes.
Learn about food provenance and prepare a range of family meals.

Pupils will learn different techniques to increase the impact of digital photography and how to edit creatively.


Living in a diverse society

Legal and illegal drugs in the UK and the world, classes, categories and impact on relationships.


Roald Dahl Boy, The Landlady, Lamb to the Slaughter:
Demonstrating skills of inference and deduction, interpreting narrative structures and how this helps the reader to imply meaning.

William Shakespeare's The Tempest:
Discussing and analysing how characters develop over the course of the play.
Making links to historical context to understand the plot and analysing Shakespeare’s language to make meaning.


Moi et Ma Famille:
Talking about ourselves and our families.
Avoir and Être in the present tense.


The key physical and human geographical features of Africa, the impact of colonisation, the opportunities and challenges facing the people of the Horn of Africa, and the interpretation of maps and geographical data.


The English Civil War:
This unit introduces the idea of parliament as a force for the people as well as how civil wars can break out.
Students will gain an understanding of key figures on each side of the conflict and the causes of their disagreements.

Life Skills

Money skills, financial literacy, budgeting, etc.


Using mental and written methods to calculate equations involving fractions (including the 4 main operations).

Negative numbers:
Solving problems involving negative numbers using mental and written methods.

Using the order of operations to solve questions involving decimals and integers.

Further Algebra:
Solving equations involving complex algebra (factorising quadratics and plotting algebraic equations on graphs).

Solving problems with ratios in real-life contexts and simplifying ratios.


Including handball, badminton, lacrosse, and tag rugby.
Pupils will learn new skills and tactics to help them in game situations.

Paired learning focusing on counter tension and counter balance.

Studying the Brazilian martial arts dance of ‘Capoeira’.

Health Related Fitness:
Experiencing a variety of different exercise regimes.


Life After Death:
Key beliefs from the viewpoints of various faiths, including Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Pupils will learn about the key beliefs of Judaism, including God and worship.


Acids and Alkalis:
pH scales, chemical reactions, Universal Indicator Hazard symbols.
pH of everyday substances, wasp and bee stings.

Balanced and resultant forces and how we measure force.
Friction and its effects.
Distance time graphs.
Calculating speed and resultant speed.


Pupils have the opportunity to complete additional learning in a variety of subjects/topics, choosing two. Information is sent out prior to the academic year.