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Year 8

Summer Term


Cybersecurity, Encoding & Encryption:
Students will look at the different threats to data and network security to ensure they understand the developing dangers of the online world.
Later in the term, we will revisit text-based programming with Python to develop our knowledge of core syntax and principles such as count and condition controlled loops.


Music - Film and Backing Music:
Explore how music sets the scene, gain insight into the melodic devices and structure of composers and compose own ideas.

Art – Photography:
Use Photopea to create digitally enhanced images.
Look at the intricacies of cameras and ways to use them.

Design Technology – Product Manufacture:
Learn about natural disaster food relief.
Design an emergency aid ‘drop bag’.

STEM – Fastest Car:
Research, design and make a model F1 car.
Compete in teams to create the fastest. Who will win?

Food Tech – The Balanced Plate:
Develop cutting and cooking skills, making a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes.
Learn about food provenance and prepare a range of family meals.


Careers and First Aid.


William Shakespeare's Macbeth:
Discussing and analysing how characters develop over the course of the play.
Making links to historical context to understand the plot and analysing Shakespeare’s language to make meaning.

The Hunger Games:
Exploring various genres and the features of the dystopian genre.
Analysing characters and how they are introduced to the reader.


Food & Drink, Ordering & Menus:
Ask and answer questions about food preferences and meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Read and write menus/what they like to eat and drink.
Develop an understanding of buying food/provisions/quantities.


Glaciation & Oceans:
What and where glaciers are found, the key features (such as corries, arêtes, pyramidal peaks) and how hanging valleys  are formed.
Identifying glaciers using OS maps and discussing environmental issues, such as overfishing.
What and where are hydrothermal vents, coral reefs and CO2 impact on Ph.


Civil Rights:
Pupils will be looking at civil rights, the activists involved and events that have occurred throughout history, which have impacted today’s society.
The topic will conclude with a debate, considering the cause and consequences.

Life Skills

How our brains work, how we learn from our mistakes and how we can achieve our goals.


Functions & Graphs:
Linear and quadratic functions.

Averages, collecting and classifying data, using different graphs and diagrams.

Ration & Proportion:
Using fractions, decimals & percentages.

Further Geometry:
Plans and elevations of 3D shapes, enlargements and decimal time.

Theoretical and experimental probabilities.


Pupils will cover Athletics, Volleyball and a range of striking and fielding activities.
This may include rounders, cricket, stoolball, softball and alternate strike/field games.


Expressing Spirituality:
What inspires people spiritually?
How text, images, religion and art can be spiritual.

It's My Life:
The place of nature and nurture, moral choices, rites of passage, laws, religion and a positive outlook on life.


Reactions & Reactivity:
Atomic structure, periodic table, chemical reactions, catalysts.

The Importance of Plants:
Photosynthesis, food chains and webs, the carbon cycle.

Measuring Density:
A big investigation to compare the density of different materials.


Pupils have the opportunity to complete additional learning in a variety of subjects/topics, choosing two. Information is sent out prior to the academic year.